What is a Blower Motor and how does it work?

Symptoms of a Bad Blower Motor

If your car’s heater or air conditioning doesn’t work, only works on certain speeds,or doesn’t blow any at all, then you may need to get your blower motor replaced.

Basically all modern time vehicles are equipped with a heating and air conditioning system that is designed to help keep the vehicle’s passengers comfortable. One of these components of that system is the blower motor. The blower motor is the main electric motor that is responsible for blowing air through the vehicle’s vents.

When the blower motor fails or is failing, your vehicle can be left without a proper functioning air conditioning and heating system. This will compromise your comfort,and can also disable useful functions such as the window defogger.

Symptoms Of A Faulty Blower Motor

1. Weak airflow coming from the vents

A symptom of a potential problem with the vehicle’s blower motor is low airflow coming from the vents. When you turn on the AC or heater and you notice less air or weaker air coming out of the vents, then this could be a sign that the blower motor is getting faulty. A worn out blower motor will not be able to provide enough airflow to properly regulate your vehicle’s cabin temperature, and it’s a sign for it to be changed.

2. The fan only blows at a certain speed

Another symptom of a faulty blower motor is one that only works at certain speeds. Blower motors are designed to spin at different speeds for them to be able to regulate different cabin temperatures efficiently. If the vehicle’s blower motor doesn’t blow the air at any of the designated settings then it may be defective. This problem can also be caused by a failed blower motor resistor or switch,so in this case, it is best to have this problem properly diagnosed.

3. No air coming from the vents

No air flowing from your vehicle’s vents when you turn on the heater or air conditioner is also another sign of your blower motor being bad. If the blower motor burns out or it short circuits, it won’t work, therefore no airflow in your vehicle’s cabin. In this case, the blower motor will definitely have to be replaced.