Get Your Ride Featured On Our “SUPER HOT WHEELS” website

Interested in getting your ride featured on our website?
Send us a picture of yourself standing next to your car / motorcycle / truck …. OR a picture of your ride with your name written on a piece of paper and placing it on the ride. We just want to make sure it’s your ride.
It doesn’t matter if your ride is a 1983 Toyota Corolla or it’s a 2017 Bugatti Chiron, we cater for all rides as long as you’re proud of your ride and willing to show it on online.
Your picture will be in our READERS & THEIR RIDES section of our website ….

a. It MUST be your ride. We will not be held liable IF you send us a picture of someone else’s ride. You WILL be held accountable for false information
b. IF you do not like the idea of yourself or your car being featured online for the world to see, then please DO NOT send us any pictures.
Send you pictures to our email address at

You can include your name, the make, model and year of the ride and what you would like us to say about your ride. You do not have to give us your location. Anything you want us to say about it, we will post it as long as it’s nothing derogatory or demeaning 🙂
Send us no more than 5 to 8 pictures.
Everyone who sends us legitimate pictures will be featured on our website…….
Here is the email address again ………..