11 Ways People Act Like Assholes And Piss Me Off While I’m Driving

As a driver, we have all had our moments in time where that ONE person pisses us the hell off, whether it’s how they drive and / or what they do while driving! I have outlined 11 of my pet peeves in the video below in this article, but you are free to comment below what you also hate to experience while driving.


Mother Freaking Tailgaters
I simply hate it when people in their vehicles come up right behind me as if they want to drive right into the back of the car, and at times it seems like they don’t want to pass but yet they’re ever so close behind! Sometimes it makes your paranoid and want to slam on your brakes so they crash into the back and then you duke it out with them on the roadway afterwards. But this won’t solve any problems, so common sense kicks in. Please, tailgaters, I simply hate y’all!


People fly pass you and then slow down in front of you
Like what they royal f*ck! Why did you just fly by me at 97 mph and then decide to slow down in front of me. Why why why!!! I can see no other cars in front of you, so why slow down in front of me! Go go go …. continue going and stay far away from me. It seems you must’ve been late for hell or something. Continue maintaining your speed and don’t slow down in front of me and then piss me off as if you are doing it on purpose!


People who don’t use their mother forking indicators
Why in the name of the Automobile Gods people choose NOT to use their indicators. I could be wrong, but I think vehicles nowadays come with blinker thingies that are there to indicate whether a driver is turning left or turning right, but I stand corrected! Until then, people people people pleeeaaase use those indicators. They are on the car for a damn reason! Non indicator users grieve my heart n’ soul. Your vehicle has turn signals, use them you nincompoops.


Idiotic Pedestrians
Why do people cross the road while looking on their cellphones? Why do people suddenly step off of the curb and into the roadway before they decide to look at traffic? Why do people chance it and run across the road when a vehicle is roughly only 15 to 20 meters away? Some of them think they are as easy to fix as cars, so if they get hit they will only have to go to a body shop to get fixed! I personally think technology is dumbing down human beings. I see people crossing the road looking on their phones as if they’re texting, face-timing, snap chatting or instagramming or whatsapping, facebooking or whatever social media platforms there are today and not looking where they’re going. They bump into other people and even miss their steps and fall at the curb on the other side of the road. Technology and social media is going to kill some of us. Get your dumbass faces out of the phone and looks where y’all going!


Vehicles belting out thick smoke
I swear that some of these vehicles on the roads today are competing against erupting volcanoes. All I see is thick, black vision hampering smoke coming out of their tail pipes and going up into the air and polluting the damn atmosphere. MOUNT ETNA and MOUNT ST. HELENS could probably sue some of these nasty smoke bellowing vehicles for taking away their limelight and glory!

People on their phones and driving slowly
These people get my immediate attention like a nun in a wet t-shirt contest. Why why why the f*ck are you talking on your cellphone and holding up traffic behind you! Use some common courtesy and pull over if you find that your conversation on the phone is going to make you less concentrated on the road and in turn making lives of other motorists behind you a living hell. Honestly, I have answered my phone while driving BUT I’ve always kept it short and if I notice the conversation might take a while, I pull over and then run my mouth off with the party on the other end OR I tell them I will call back once I’ve reached my destination. I know it might get me distracted so I think about myself and other motorists. However, there are other motorists who don’t give a flying f*ck about you and will drive slowly while chatting away. These people are a hazard to themselves and other motorists! Get off the damn phone you moron!


Dudes camping out at traffic lights offering to wipe your CLEAN windshield
Now before I go further into this, I am NOT against people hustling at the lights or anything, BUT for the love of the creator, DO NOT offer to or start wiping my windshield glass which as you can SEE is already very clean! You cannot clean something that is already clean. How much cleaner you think it can get? And most of these guys, the rags and squeegees they use are not even fricking clean and this is also what pisses me the f*ck off, and then you want me to give you money after you dirty up my glass? Oh hell fricking NO! If my glass is dirty, then yes, I would probably give you the go ahead, BUT when it’s squeaky clean, and you approach my vehicle, the clear answer is going to be a resounding NO.
People taking forever to drive off when light changes to green
Why why why would someone take 5 …..6……7 seconds to drive off when the light has changes to green (unless you see an approaching police security detail or you sense an approaching vehicle is coming too fast and might hit you if you drive off). Until then, why why why people so many times take so fricking long to drive off! What is keeping you so damn distracted in your car that makes me have to honk my horn for you to realize the light has changed for you to move off. Mind you, I am not one of those drivers who would be behind someone and as the light changes to green, I honk my horn like a dumbass and expect you to move off a 1/4 of a second as the light has changed, but I am definitely NOT one of those who is willing to wait 5 seconds for you to move off. Please pay attention to the road and traffic lights. I think some people might be reading or on their phones and not realizing when green comes on, but this shouldn’t be so. I’ve said it once before and I will say it again, cellphones are slowly making is so distracted from the realities of our surroundings, it is not even remotely funny!


Extremely slow drivers
When I say slow drivers, I don’t mean those who drive slowly because they’re on a phone call or anything. I am talking about those who have their eyes planted through their windshield, no distractions, nothing seem to be bothering them but they just hog up the roadway(especially if it’s a narrow roadway). I cannot tolerate people driving at 25 mph or even 30 mph in a 45 and 60 mph speed zone. Driving within the speed limit doesn’t necessarily translate to driving 1/2 of the limit. Grrrrrrrr this pisses me off ……. road hoggers (not the same as road hogs I might add). Ludacris’s song comes to mind ( Move Bitch, Get Out The Way! )


Hesitant or Unsure drivers
These drivers might sublimely be the more dangerous on our road ways. They seem to be driving and unsure of everything. They drive and go into other lanes, riding a portion of their vehicle over the lines without even realizing. They constantly applying brakes without having to do so. They take a damn lonnnggg time to drive off from intersections even when they look LEFT n’ RIGHT over 10 times. It seems they’re unable to judge distances of approaching vehicles. In otherwords, they take a long time to do everything. That to me, can be dangerous for themselves and also people behind them and approaching them.


Assholes who honk at Learner Drivers
I simply simply simply HATE to see other motorists honking and trying to bully Learner Drivers. We were all learners at some point in our lives and I am pretty sure when we first went onto the major roadway to do our thing, we didn’t want other motorists bossing us around. This is one thing I can’t get through my thick skull ( well probably because it’s too thick I guess). But for me, I understand what learner drivers are going through and I can’t and will never honk my horn in frustration at such a driver even if they’re driving in front of me at snail’s pace. I simply wait until the road is clear and overtake him or her learning their ‘trade’. So all of you mother freakers who bully learner drivers, PLEASE STOP IT!  Grrrrrrrr!!!!